Process for 17yr old playing adult rugby

FOR anyone not aware, there has been an update in the regulations for 17-years-olds playing adult rugby.

The two-step process, as reflected in Regulation 15.5, has been introduced as a result of clarification by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) in relation to safeguarding requirements when underage players play in adult sport.  Seventeen-year-olds are still considered to be children and this process helps our clubs to support the transition of players into adult rugby when appropriate.

To support clubs with the application of this process please click here to access a club guide for a 17-year old playing adult rugby. This information, detailing the rationale, will be available to clubs to support their submission and helps CBs to further understand their own role. 

The Playing Adult Rugby Club Approval Form and Playing Adult Rugby Player Approval Form, along with the wording of the regulation can be found here(or downloaded below)

All Devon clubs looking for CB approval should send their completed forms to


Club guide for 17-year-olds playing adult rugby. 

Code of practice for clubs

Playing adult rugby – club approval form

Playing adult rugby – player approval form