Devon RFU Club Support 2023-2024

Devon RFU Club Facilities Audit 2023/2024

You club should have recently received from Rachel Miller an informative document covering a range of topics relevant to Community Rugby in Devon as a follow up from a Zoom meeting in September in which 10 County clubs took part. Prominent items were First Aid, Devon Clubs Support lists covered by Sadie Lawson and Rachel Miller, GMS Golden Roles, Junior Registration, Funding Offers, Club Offers, Coaching Courses, Club Coaching Coordinators, Cluster Meeting Dates, Facility Audits, Safeguarding Audit, and future Webinar Topics. A long list which is aimed at all our member clubs and a great deal of information to sift through.

Focussing on Facilities Jason Bowers and Matt Bray are now in the process of approaching clubs with offers of funding support relating to the Women’s’ World Cup to be held in England in 2025. Following on from the Toilet Renovation and Upgrade awards made to Devon clubs in 2022/23 clubs are now being approached with offers relating to changing room upgrades and social space development. The offers have been made based on club information provided in the Facilities Audit Information report 2022/2023.

Because of this it is vitally important that all county clubs keep the RFU and Devon RFU updated on their facilities projects on and off the pitch. If your club have not yet submitted an update, please can you use the link attached to provide further information. IT IS VERY SIMPLE.

Only 75% of Devon clubs responded last year please can we make it 100%.this year.

 If you have any comments/queries, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.


 John Drew, Devon RFU Facilities Coordinator and Club Support Chairman.



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